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Sprant [N.] A rant, or tirade that is written by Spor.

Good Evening/Afternoon/Morning all.

I'm feeling bored and bummed at the moment. Bored because of having nothing to do, and bummed because of the Bluejays. They will not be mentioned again in this article. Anyway, I felt like it would be fun to do a little ranting on baseball and the topics that are brewing through the leagues. If you don't feel like wasting your life reading my opinions, don't read them. If you don't agree with them, congratulations they are opinions. I just had nothing better to do. Also, spelling shmelling and grammer shmammer. If i make a mistake, boo hoo the earth isn't imploding.

  1. Backbackbackback: There need to be some changes in the Home run Derby. After wasting three hours of my life watching Todd Frazier Hit the minimum number of home runs possible to advance to the final, only seeing one good round of Stanton Stantoning it, and a bunch of "Eric Thames" as they were called in the outfield, I decided a few changes are needed. To start, The Bye in the first round should not exist. It creates a TWO HOUR period where the hitters are doing absolutely nothing. Forget about winning the derby, that I don't massively care about. But when it takes two of the most powerful people in the game and denies them the opportunity to put on a show, that is when I think it is a problem. In their semifinal rounds, Joey Bats and Giancarlo had a total of FOUR HOMERUNS. BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM. AND NONE BY BIG MIKE. It's crazy to put on a homerun show and reward the two with the most homerun with failure due to the bracket. Speaking of the bracket, there has to be a change. The American and National league captains choose people to be on their team, and then you fight against your own team? Say what? There should be a 4v4 or 6v6 or whatever. Two teams, AL and NL. Each AL player Faces an NL player and there is a bracket to the final. So what if two players from the same league meet in the final? It means the team was better. There are many more things wrong with it, but considering that it doesn't matter, I'm not gonna waste my time on it.
  2. A little random: Why do fans boo Pickoffs to first. I get that it's the other team, but your team does it just as well. It may be a delay of game, but you're telling me that if you're a giants fan and the reds are in town and you try to pickoff BIlly Hamilton 20 times, it's fine and goods strategy meanwhile if someone tries to pick off Angel Pagan twice it's the greatest crime of the century. Blah blah blah you don't want your team to be out. Where the heck did that tradition start? Just Strange.
  3. The Trop: So after hearing all the rumors about tropicana field, here are my thoughts on the dump uh i mean field. Things i didn't like included the lights having to be on for a day game, and creating more glare than the florida sun, The fact that the echo was more noticeable the the famous speech by Lou Gehrig, and that there is no way to see outside. No matter what. No retractable. The Roof itself is on an angle, which i didn't know. I thought that was kinda cool. The tropicana field sign is cracking so they may want to fix that. I've never seen more foul balls not caught by fans than here. It goes to show how good MLB players are, because with some of the balls high in the roof you completely loose them. Speaking of roof, I'm fine with all of the catwalks, since they provide the lighting. Except the bottom one. It is easily hittable by a power bat. If a high fly ball with a downward angle hits it, even if it wouldn't get over the fence, it is a home run. What did I like about the stadium? the fact that you could reach out and almost touch the scoreboard is kinda cool. The wave of the top deck seats on both baselines is also a nice design touch. And for this year they added the "Tropicana 360 walkway" around the first deck of seats so you can walk all the way around without missing the action... Except for home plate you have to walk behind a few boxes. So it's really the "Tropicana 320 walkway" But the one thing i really don't like is having to go inside for a beautiful sunny florida day. They do this in miami too if you have weather over either 70 or 80 Fahrenheit, but i can't remember which. However it's fine there because it's spacious and there are massive windows.
That's all I'm gonna do. Just got bored and made a useless fanpost. Now i'm gonna go do something. Not sure what, considering there is nothing to do inside at the moment and it's storming outside, but oh well.

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