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Blue Jays send Chad Jenkins back to Buffalo, again

Chad has been working on a new pitch.
Chad has been working on a new pitch.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

I'm starting to feel sorry for Chad Jenkins. The Blue Jays are sending him back to Buffalo, yet again, to make room for Brad Mills. I think I'd rather have Jenkins than Mills, personally, but that's life. He did have a long stint in the majors this time, it was June 3rd when we put up the last 'Blue Jays call up Chad Jenkins' post, our 4th of the season, and this is his 4th time down.

At least he got a month and a half of MLB wages.

In this time up. he got into 12 games, threw 16.1 innings, was 0-1, with a 2.76 ERA, allowing 15 hits, 0 home runs, 4 walks with 8 strikeouts.

I'd have much rather get rid of Sergio Santos, but that's me.

Alsoover at the SB Nation baseball main page, Chris Cotillo tells us, among other things, that Dalton Pompey is 'virtually untouchable' in trade talks.

As of this writing, Pompey appears to be the least likely of the team's prospects to be dealt. Sources indicate that the 21-year old outfielder is being viewed as virtually untouchable by the Jays, and that Toronto's refusal to include him in trade talks for ex-Cub Jeff Samardzija served as one of the turning points in negotiations that ultimately led to the right-hander being dealt to the Athletics.

Chris says it is because the Jays would like a 'homegrown' player. That wouldn't be my biggest worry, I'd be more interested in keeping him if we think he'll be great. But a hometown boy would be ok to have on the team.