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Blue Jays to call up Aaron Sanchez and Ryan Goins today

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The future is now Aaron
The future is now Aaron
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Shi Davidi tells us that the Blue Jays are going to call up both Aaron Sanchez and Ryan Goins today. No word on who is making the trip to Buffalo to make room for the pair.

I don't understand bringing up Goins, Munenori Kawasaki has been one of the few bright spots in the batting order, so I don't see Goins taking his spot at second, unless it is Juan Francisco that is leaving, and they are planing to move Kawasaki over to third. I don't think Munenori has the arm to play third. He'd need to use the pitcher as a cut off man to get the ball to first. I guess it would be more likely that Francisco would move to the bench and someone else get optioned, though, I'm not understanding the Blue Jay moves lately, so I wouldn't bet on anything.

Goins has been hitting lately. He is .319/.372/.389 in his 19 game in July for the Bisons. Whether that nice line can make the trip with him to Toronto is another question.

The team had been planing to bring up Sanchez at some point to add an arm to the bullpen, we are short on RHP back there. Not sure who will be the unlucky guy leaving. Brad Mills had an awful game yesterday, but he doesn't have options. They just brought up Rob Rasmussen yesterday, seems mean to send him back today, but I think that is the most likely move. Sanchez will have to be added to the 40-man, as well has the active roster, but there is an open spot with yesterday's DFA of Sergio Santos.

Sanchez has made 2 appearances out of the bullpen for the Bisons. His first didn't go well, but he only allowed 1 hit in his 1 inning Sunday. After watching Drew Hutchison, I was wondering if the Jays wouldn't rather put Sanchez into the rotation and give Drew time to work on his delivery in Buffalo. Drew does need to figure out whats going wrong.

No pressure Aaron, Ryan, just everything is going to hell in a hand basket lately, and we need someone to turn things around, but no pressure.

Update: Jamie Campbell lets us in on why Goins is coming up:

Congratulations Steve. If you are looking for a name, no one ever went wrong with Tom.

Update 2: Jeff Blair is saying that Esmil Rogers is being called up  tonight too. I have no idea what role he'll play, maybe both Mills and Rasmussen are going away. Or, perhaps Rogers is going to take Hutchison's spot in the rotation for a couple of weeks and like Drew figure things out in Buffalo. Sounds like he's long relief, at least for now.

Update 3: Shi Davidi tweeted that Erik Kratz is one of the ones being sent out to Buffalo, someone else will be going too. Bye again Erik.

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