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Blue Jays Trade Rumors: Are the Jays interested in Alex Rios?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We have just a bit more than a week of this stuff still ahead of us. Jon Heyman gives us our latest rumor.

In an interesting twist, the Blue Jays are showing interest in their former player Alex Rios, according to sources.

I would have bet dollars to doughnuts that Rios had burnt all the bridges between him and the Blue Jays, but he would be a handy bat to have around. His contract doesn't look as bad as it did, back when he was last in a Jays jersey. He's making $12.5 million this year and has a team option for $13.5 million for next year. Pretty cheap really.

And, surprisingly, the Jays aren't on his 'no-trade' list. I figured there would be no way he would want to come back. I'm still of the opinion that there isn't any trade that would help enough, until our injured come back and guys start hitting again, but Rios wouldn't hurt.

I'd put the odds of picking him up are very slim, but he would be good to have around. Alex talks to everyone and about everyone, but maybe he'll match up on one of these. I'm sure the Rangers wouldn't mind moving him, but I'm not sure what they would ask for in return.

Update: The Yankees have traded for Chase Headley, it kind of pisses me off, he would have fit in great with us. The Yankees sent Yangervis Solarte and pitching prospect Rafael DePaul to San Diego. The Padres are sending $1 million to the Yankees.