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Poll Time: Do you approve of the job Alex Anthopoulos is doing?

Tom Szczerbowski

We did this back in May, when things were going well, though we had just lost 3 games in a row, but all-in-all, the team was playing good ball. Back then the results were 29% approve, 41% neutral, 30% do not approve.

Right now? I have a hard time grading him, because I'm not sure if if he does or doesn't have any payroll flexibility. He claims he does, but we haven't added anyone, which seems to suggest that Bob Elliot's tweet was right.

The Chase Headley thing bugged me, because, I feel, the Yankees gave up pretty much nothing to get him. I also would have liked Brandon McCarthy. We have been rumored to be in on every player in the MLB. I know Alex hates all the rumors, but reporters need to report. He does talk about how much he hated the rumors popping up, I wish he would just ignore/roll with it. It is part of the job.

I'll admit, i'm also tired of the inability to make a decision and stick with it. Brad Mills is available, let's grab Brad Mills. That means we have to ship off Chad Jenkins (again) and DFA Deck McGuire. Ok, that's what we gotta do, do it. Next day, Brad Mills is crap, let's dump him, let's go with, I don't know, Esmil Rogers. Oh and let's bring up Ryan Goins. Why? Because it is Monday. We are going to platoon Darin Mastroianni and Colby Rasmus. Sorry, that was so yesterday, we are going to send out Mastroianni. Is Kratz with the team? Yes? Ok let's send him out.

When Alex took over, we were going to rely on scouts again. Bring in a whole mess of scouts. You'd think that you'd use those scouts to look at say Brad Mills and if they say 'yes he can help us' you wouldn't give up on him after 2 innings. We go into the season saying Ryan Goins can be an MLB second baseman. Then we decide he can't. We try guys at random to see if someone can do it.  Now I'm pretty ok with the Kawasaki/Tolleson platoon, it seems to be going well, but we bring back Goins.

We start the season with Jeremy Jeffress in the pen. A couple of games into the season, we decide he's no good. We can't even wait 10 days so that we could actually call up someone from our 40-man roster to take his place.

I do like Alex. I think he's done some good things. I think he's been unlucky. Who expected Josh Johnson to forget how to pitch? He's had bad luck with injuries. But I wish he would show a little patience. Show a little faith in his, and his scouts, ability to judge players. If you don't have scouts that you believe in, get new ones. Relax a bit. Breathe.

Now, none of that means I think he is incompetent. What it means is I disagree with some of the things he's done. It means I think he can do somethings better. I'm in a different place than he is. I do think there must be a lot pressure on him, he must think 'if I get fired, i'll never have a GM job again'.

Anyway, the poll: