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Wednesday Bantering: No rehab for Lind and Encarnacion?

The quicker he's back the better.
The quicker he's back the better.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Tiny bits of Blue Jays news this afternoon:

  • Gibby has said that Edwin Encarnacion and Adam Lind will, likely, not be sent out on rehab assignments. The will, most likely, go straight into the line ups, when deemed to have recovered enough. I'm all for that, guys out for short periods of time shouldn't need rehab time. Rehab is mostly so that players can get their timing back, I'd expect that Adam and Edwin could get their timing back quicker with the major league team. I'm going to show my Zaun side, but, when I was young, players didn't need to go on rehab assignments. I really don't see the point in sending them out.
  • Brett Lawrie, on the other hand, will be going out on rehab. He's been out longer and he hasn't been able to swing at bat. He'll need 3 or 4 games. Of course, timing is always an issue with Brett's swing. And, Gibby says, that when he comes back, he's the full time third baseman. We'll see. I don't trust the Jays to make a decision and stick to it.
  • In news that won't surprise anyone, Sergio Santos cleared waivers and he's headed to Buffalo, to find his delivery. I'm sure it is in Buffalo.
  • Have I mentioned I'd like the Jays to make up their frigging minds:

They have a few good starts and it's "we don't need pitching, we need hitting", then a terrible start from Drew Hutchison and "we don't need hitting, we need pitching". If we make an error tonight, we'll be looking for glove men.

  • Gibby told MLB Radio that the Jays were 'in on" Chase Headley. I don't know, if they were in on him, it wouldn't have been hard to beat the Yankees' offer.