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Mark Buehrle provides young Blue Jays with veteran presents

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Cool news of the day: Mark Buehrle is getting the young guys on the Blue Jays suits in New York City because he is cool and fatherly. Not that my father ever got me custom suits from New York City or made $18 million a year.

Buehrle has a history of furnishing his teammates with gifts. When he threw a no-hitter against the Rangers back in 2007 he got all of his teammates watches, after his perfect game (which happened five years ago this week), he gave everyone a personalized bottle of Crown Royal XR.

I wonder what the cutoff is to get these veteran presents from Buehrle? Does Rob Rasmussen, a 25-year-old rookie, get a suit too? How about Ryan Goins, who is somehow already 26?

Buehrle goes on the hill at Yankee Stadium tonight to face Hiroki Kuroda. Buehrle has not recorded a win for eight consecutive starts (since June 1) this season, and he has not recorded a win in Yankee Stadium since April 10, 2004, a span of 14 starts with the White Sox and the Blue Jays.