BBB after doing the impossible


Now let's see how our foes can do. O's - MAriners on riiight now. As most jays fans are, i'm hoping for a mariner win, but what are your thoughts? should we give up on the division and hope for a card spot? or are we still in it to win it? This is the third(i think) game of this mariner series and it would be a great help if the o's lose. Along with this game, later on there is a redsox rays game, and it would be nice to see the rays lose. they have gotten hot latley, and the last thing we need is for them to creep up and become a contender. However, i dislike the sox greatly so a loss by them is welcomed if the rays HAVE to win. It's a race till the end ladies and gents, and we've got a while to go.

There are rules I GUESS. LEt's do dis!

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