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Blue Jays Trade Rumors: Asdrubal Cabrera

What do you think, would he look good in Blue Jays colors.
What do you think, would he look good in Blue Jays colors.
Duane Burleson

Ken Rosenthal has this rumor:

Asdrubal Cabrera would be a bit of an upgrade at second base, even if he hasn't played there since 2009. He has an ok bat for a middle infielder, career slash line of .270/.332/.422 and hitting.249/.309/.392 in 95 games with the Indians. He has 9 home runs, 7 steals, 27 walks and 77 strikeouts (he strikeouts enough to fit in with the Jays).

He's a switch-hitter and has had pretty even splits in his career, slightly better against lefties, .281/.331/.421 than right-handers .265/.332/.407.

He's heading into free agency, so he'd just be a rental, presumably he wouldn't cost much.

Bob Elliot, over in the Sun reports that the Jays could have had Chase Headley:

The Jays would have had to give up third baseman Juan Francisco and two lower-level minor leaguers, "not big-time prospects," for Headley.

He would be a lot better defensively than Francisco, but Brett Lawrie would have to move over to 2B full time, for the rest of the season,  when he comes back from injury. I'm not sure how much would be gained. Elliot also says that the Padres would have sent money to cover Headley's salary.

Since Juan has started hitting again, I'd just as soon keep him. Over his last 18 games, Juan is hitting .265/.315/.592 with 4 home runs.

I am getting the feeling that the deadline will come and go without a major trade for the Jays.