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Blue Jays trade rumors: Jon Lester

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox are interested in fielding offers for Jon Lester and this line, in a post by Sean McAdam At

Of those, a source indicated, Toronto has been the most aggressive in its interest.

has my Twitter feed all hot and bothered. Yesterday's trade whetted the appetite for more moves by our ever quiet GM Alex Anthopoulos.

Lester is a free agent after this season, so, as a rental, the Red Sox are not going get the huge return that the Cubs received for Jeff Samardzija, but I don't think they would give him away too cheaply to the Blue Jays, since we are in the same division and with John Farrell as their manager (at least I think he's still the manager, he didn't run off looking for a new 'dream job' after yesterday's massacre, did he?).

The clear preference for the Sox, however, is to get a premium prospect --someone on the level of the Cardinals' Oscar Taveras or either Joc Pederson or Corey Seager from the Dodgers.

Please don't trade Aaron Sanchez to them, please. I'm not sure who, other than Sanchez and Stroman would make the cut as a premium prospect. Dalton Pompey? Daniel Norris?

Lester is being paid $13 million this season, so the Jays would have to get permission to add about $3 million to the payroll, which might be a hard sell.

Personally, I think the chances are pretty slim.