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Blue Jays lose a strange one

Umpires try to explain the inexplicable.
Umpires try to explain the inexplicable.
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Blue Jays 1 A's 4

So that was the strangest thing thing I've seen. In the top of the second, . Blue Jays had the bases loaded, Gose grounds out to first, the first baseman, Nate Frieman, tags the runner leaving first (Kawasaki), the ump misses the tag, so Nate throws home getting the force at home.

Gibby argues the call....must be the first challenge ever saying "my guy was out". The call at first is changed, taking off the force at home. Retroactively, Edwin scores. If the catcher knew the force was off, he might have been able to make the tag. Watching it a few times, i doubt he could have made the tag. But, if the first baseman got the call he could have easily stepped on first to get the double play.

The A's really got screwed, if the ump yells out, when he should have, the play would have been totally different. I really don't understand how he missed it. And I barely understand how we got a run out of it.

And the A's played the rest of the game under protest. I would have been curious to see if their protest would have been upheld, but since they won, it doesn't matte.r

That may be the weirdest play I've ever seen.

R.A. Dickey may have been affected by the length of the inning. He gave up two runs in the bottom of the inning. Course, Edwin Encarnacion misplaying a ball hit to left cost him that inning. Dickey walked the first batter, got a line out to right and then Stephen Vogt hit a ball over Edwin, that any real left fielder would have caught, that went for a double. Another double, on a ball that Anthony Gose should have caught, scored 1 and a passed ball scored the second run.

And again, we left Dickey in too long. He pitched 7 very good innings. Then he went out for the 8th and gave up two runs that can't be blamed on fielding.

We had some crappy baseball. Edwin's misadventure. Gose taking a bad route on an catchable ball. Munenore went back on a popup and missed fairness to him, the outfield should have called him off. Thole got caught too far off first base, in the 8th, on a line drive to right and was doubled off.

Our offense didn't do much, other than the gift run. We only had 5 hits on the day. Sonny Gray was good, maybe not as good as we made him look. Juan Francisco looked particularly bad against Gray.

No Jays of the Day, Gibby deserves points for getting us a run in a very imaginative way, but then he left Dickey out too long.

Suckage goes to Reyes (-.273 on an 0 for 4), Edwin (-.134, 1 for 4....he did hit a ball to deep left that would have been a home run in any other ballpark) and Francisco (-.119, 0 for 3, two strikeouts, one swinging at a ball in the dirt).

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