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Wednesday Bantering

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Jim Rogash

Back from a weekend of good music, made that much more enjoyable because the Blue Jays were winning. I saw a lot of bands i'd like to see again. Jason Isbell,  Lee Harvey Osmond, The Lone Bellow, The Strumbellas, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Corb Lund, Great Lake Swimmers and several others.


  • I like the trade for Danny Valencia. I really didn't want to see Liam Hendriks make another start for us and, though I had some sort of irrational liking for Erik Kratz, if something were to happen and we needed another catchers, I'd just as soon see A.J. Jimenez, in fact i wouldn't mind getting a chance to see him play. Valencia isn't the game changer we'd love to see at the deadline, but he is a nice pickup.
  • I am totally floored by the 6 man bullpen. This is a team that figured they needed 8 guys in the pen and suddenly we are at 6, after being told, over and over, that we needed that 8th guy. I'm glad they have figured out they don't need that guy to sit in the bullpen and not do anything for 2 weeks at a time. And, if they do run through everyone in a game, Chad Jenkins can be up in a hurry. I love having bats on the bench.
  • I like Gibby playing Anthony Gose in center field, but I'd much rather them put Melky Cabrera or Jose Bautista at DH than Colby Rasmus. I understand it would have to be a whole conversation that you would have to have with Colby, but if he is willing to be DH, you should able to finesse him into left field. I mean, he must have already figured out that Gibby likes Gose better in CF, LF is less of a demotion than DH is.
  • I got an email from someone starting a Jerry Howarth is Awesome fan club. What he wants is to make August 10th Jerry Howarth is Awesome Day at Rogers.

What we're asking fans to do is simple: bring a sign with one of your usual sayings, or tweet out your favourite saying using #jerryhowarthisawesome.

  • And there was this tweet from Beyond the Boxscore:

Life is good if you are a Blue Jays fan.

Editor's Note: I missed today's FanDuel deadline, I forgot there was some afternoon games today, but they will have another contest tomorrow. Check it out. Here is the link.