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That was long and it ended badly, Blue Jays lose in extras

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 0 A's 1 (12 innings)

Great pitching spoiled by no offence.

I hate that Casey Janssen didn't pitch. There is no excuse to lose in extra innings with your best pitcher sitting in the pen. Or, well maybe there is an excuse we don't know about, perhaps he's sore or something. But if he isn't hurting, he should have pitched.

Anyway, Marcus Stroman was terrific, again. 7 innings, 3 hits, 3 walks and 7 strikeouts. He was just great.

Aaron Loup and Dustin McGowan both put up zeros. Brett Cecil got an out, and gave up a walk and Chad Jenkins came in. He got out of the inning, then pitched a clean 11th.

In the 12th, Jenkins gave up a lead off walk and should have been pulled. Then he got an out on a line out to fairly deep center and should have been pulled. Then Nick Punto sliced one down the left field line. Melky Cabrera ran off to cut if off, and he had to cut it off, but missed it and that was the game.

On offense, we managed 8 singles and a double, and 2 walks, and really didn't come close to scoring. Our great offense is still missing. I'm not sure where it has gone. Maybe Brazil, to watch the World Cup, but we have to get scoring again and soon.

Jays of the Day are Stroman (.421 WPA), McGowan (.126) and Loup (.100). Tolleson (.101 for a 2 for 4 day).

Suckage? Well the whole offense, minus Tolleson deserves it. Reyes (-.232), Melky (-.164 and the mistake in left), Bautista (-.117), Edwin (-.096, he did take two walks), Navarro (-.121), Glenn (-.154) and Mastroianni (-.135, though he singled in the 12th, we just didn't score him). Also Jenkins (-.122, but Gibby should have pulled him).

Let's get them tomorrow.

We had 1907 comments, pretty good for a Friday afternoon game. I led the way (first time in a long time). Great job me. Take a raise out of petty change.

# Commenter # Comments
1 Tom Dakers 160
2 T-Ball 155
3 Spor 154
4 Kraemer_17 140
5 Strik3r 132
6 Bowling_Guy25 128
7 e&n4e 107
8 Alan F. 105
9 jmarples 94
10 MjwW 80
11 Belisarius 70
12 EricThames 65
13 Janz_V84 61
14 spockster 39
15 vin~ 35
16 JaysfanDL 33
17 Krak3n 31
18 gammaDraconis 27
19 bluejays13 24
20 jesuscristo 24
21 Kenjamin 23
22 JaysCraze 19
23 JaysfanAtlanta 19
24 fishedin 17
25 stolarz88 17
26 Minor Leaguer 15
27 erik.t 14
28 ExNihiilo 14
29 TFSML 12
30 Polite Nate 10