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Yankees trade for Brandon McCarthy

Justin K. Aller

Now this time, I really wish the Jays made this deal.

The Yankees traded someone named Vidal Nuno to the Diamondbacks to get Brandon McCarthy.

Samardzija and Hammel? I don't think the Jays had prospects that the Cubs wanted, or wanted more than what they got from the A's, so I just figure tip your hat and move one.

McCarthy? The Yankees gave up nothing for him and it sounds like the Diamondback kicked in some money. This one makes me sad. There are only so many free players out there. Or at least there are only so many good free players out there.

I know it's part because the team is playing bad and it's effecting my mood, but this one bugs me. I don't see any logical excuse that we didn't get him. i would have traded for him without asking for money back from the D-backs.

Alex? What's the reasoning here?