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Blue Jays place Edwin Encarnacion on DL

Jason O. Watson

No surprise here, Edwin Encarnacion has been placed on the 15-day DL with a right quadriceps strain. Please get well quick Edwin. He seems to think the 15 days will be enough, I'm guessing 3 to 4 weeks but it is just a guess

Taking his place on the roster is Nolan Reimold. I hope you brought some bats with you Nolan, because the batch the Jays took to California are defective. Reimold was hitting .315 for the Orioles Double-A team in Bowie,before we snatched him off waivers. I don't have high hopes for Nolan, but I'd take him over Brad Glenn too.

As well, Kenny Wilson was picked off waivers by the Oakland A's. I think this is Wilson's third time to be claimed off waivers this season, which must be close to some sort of record. Wilson was hitting .239/.333/.338 for Buffalo in 21 games with 5 steals, 4 times caught. He's 24, not really a prospect, could be a defensive replacement/pinch runner type, on a team that doesn't carry 8 relievers.