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Angels bat around in fifth to extend Blue Jays' losing streak to five

Apparently that glow on J.A. Happ was not a sign that an angel was helping him pitch.
Apparently that glow on J.A. Happ was not a sign that an angel was helping him pitch.
Stephen Dunn

Blue Jays 2 @ Angels 5

The good part of this season was really, really good. The bad part of this season has been really, really bad. Lately it's been hard to be a Blue Jays fan, but thank you for continuing to come here and read our stuff.

The Good

  • The Blue Jays held a lead! For fifteen minutes!
  • A run was manufactured in the fourth. Munenori Kawasaki led off singled to centre field, then he went first-to-third on a Melky Cabrera single to right. Kawasaki's hustle to third allowed him to score on a Jose Bautista sacrifice line drive to left. Kawasaki also did a good job at reading the ball off of Bautista's bat in going back to tag rather than breaking for home on the hard-hit ball.
  • Juan Francisco hit his 14th home run when Matt Shoemaker threw him a fastball for some reason. Francisco, batting in the nine-hole, hits just the fourth home run hit by the Blue Jays out of that batting order position (and two of the previous ones were by a pinch hitter). Pat Tabler, likening Francisco to Thai food, called him "thunder at the bottom".
  • J.A. Happ looked pretty good in innings 1-3 then got out of a jam in the fourth; his fastball was hitting 94-96.
  • John McDonald got all three outs in the ninth!
  • The game didn't last 14 innings before Bob Davidson decided he didn't want the Blue Jays to win. Yea I'm still mad at that interference call three years later.

The Bad

  • The bottom of the fifth. The Angels' bat-around inning began when a fan in a Blue Jays jersey reached over the right field fence to try to catch a Chris Iannetta drive off the tall wall. After an umpire review, it was ruled as a fan interference ground-rule double. The fan was ejected from the game, saving him from the rest of the fifth inning.
  • After the leadoff double, the Angels went walk, walk, RBI-single, sac fly, single before Happ was lifted in favour of Chad Jenkins, who then proceeded to give up an RBI double to Erick Aybar before ending the inning on a strikeout and ground out.
  • Colby Rasmus's throw on the aforementioned sac fly was flat footed, unbalanced, and offline. Not Moises Sierra offline, but it was pretty bad.
  • Jose Reyes. In the third he tried to backhand a ball to his right that skipped over his glove for a single, then he made a throwing error in the sixth. When Jose Bautista lunged for that ball at first, I thought about his hamstrings and cringed. I still really like having Reyes as a Blue Jay but he probably isn't long for short... He is stilled owed around $77 million.
  • Sergio Santos struggled with fastball control, almost killing Howie Kendrick.
  • The Angels lost starter Jared Weaver after completing two perfect innings. He came out to throw warm ups in the top of the third, but was pulled after feeling something in his back.
  • The Blue Jays were 0-for-1 with runners in scoring position. I'm more concerned at the "1" part than the "0" part.
  • This response from John Gibbons.
  • Tyler Skaggs is pitching Tuesday, C.J. Wilson is pitching Wednesday. Yea, two lefties.
Jays of the Day! Juan Francisco (+.145 WPA), Melky Cabrera (+.112)
Suckage Jays J.A. Happ (-.364), Jose Bautista (-.106).