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Who's up, Who's down: Blue Jays pitchers

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past two weeks, the Blue Jays are 3-9. It really isn't fault of the pitchers, they have a ERA of 3.22 over the past 2 weeks. If we were hitting at all, life would be good. Too bad we aren't. I think that is the longest stretch of the season that we've kept ourselves to a 7-man bullpen.



R.A. Dickey

R.A. made 2 starts, and has taken losses in both. In 14 innings he has a 4.50 ERA, 4 walks, 15 strikeouts. Batters have hit .216/.268/.529 against him, with 4 home runs. The home runs have been an issue. Also, being left in the game too long has been an issue. All season long it has been an issue. Kind of a marginal down arrow. I don't know....If Gibby pulled him quicker, he'd have much better numbers. How much should we blame Gibby, how much should we blame Dickey? I wonder if a different manager would handle him differently, since most figure a knuckleball pitcher should go deep into games.


Mark Buehrle

Mark made 2 starts, both losses. Both 'quality starts', but we aren't scoring. He has a 3.21 ERA, in 14 innings, 3 walks and 8 strikeouts. Batter hit .281/.317/.439 with 2 home runs. If we were hitting we'd be very happy with his starts.


J.A. Happ

He made 3 starts. The first was very good, 7.2 shutout innings, 124 pitches. The second was pretty good, 7 innings, 6 hits, 4 earned runs, 101 pitches. The third, yesterday was bad, 98 pitches. Personally, leaving Happ out for 124 pitches is taking a chance with his arm. Anyway, 4.26 ERA, 1-1 record, 19 innings, 5 walks, 14 strikeouts. Batters hit .236/.278/.361 with 1 home run against him. Really we can't hope for any better. Marginal up arrow.


Drew Hutchison

Drew had 3 starts, one that was very good, two that were okish. 1-2, 3.86 ERA, 6 walks and 20 strikeouts in 18.2 innings. Batters hit .247/.313/.370 against him, with 1 home run.


Marcus Stroman

Marcus made 2 very good start, we lost them both, he had no-decisions in both. He went 13.2 innings, with a 1.32, 5 walks, 13 strikeouts. Batters hit .111/.200/.178 with no home runs. Someone should tell him it isn't always going to be this easy, he's been amazing. On second thought, don't tell him, let him continue as is.


Casey Janssen

Casey pitched in 4 games, has a win and a save. Gave up an earned run in 4 innings. In 17 plate appearances, batters hit .353/.353/.412 with no walks, no strikeouts. Needs the team to get him more save chances.


Dustin McGowan

Dustin got into 4 games, he had the one very bad pitch. He was 0-1 with a 5.40 ERA. In 14 plate appearances, batters hit .250/.357/.500 against him, with 1 home run, 2 walks and 5 strikeouts in 3.1 innings. He does have Gibby's confidence, at least as a reliever.


Aaron Loup

Loup pitched in 6 games, a total of 4.2 innings. Batters hit .278/.381/.444, 2 walks, 5 strikeouts. No earned runs but he was hit pretty hard.


Brett Cecil

Off the DL, pitched twice, 1.1 innings. Faced 5 batters, got 4 outs and gave up a walk. Can't ask for much better.


Sergio Santos

Pitched in 5 games, 3.1 innings. In 19 plate appearances batters hit .429/.526/.571 with 4 walks and 4 strikeouts in 3.1 innings. A 8.10 ERA. I have no idea what's going on, I'd like to think he's too good to pitch this bad, but the season doesn't seem to be getting better for him.


Rob Rasmussen

Pitched in 2 games, Faced 6 batters, walked 2, hit 1, got the other 3 out, one on a strikeout and is back in Buffalo.


Todd Redmond

Todd pitched in 3 games, faced 16 batters, allowed 3 singles, no walks and had 4 strikeouts. He's been very good in a thankless role for the Jays. He's pitched in 19 losses and 3 wins. He's never going to gain Gibby's confidence, but he's been good.


Chad Jenkins

I'm sure that sometimes even Gibby forgets whether Jenkins is on the roster or not. As I type this, he is. He pitched in 3 games, 4.1 innings, no earned runs, 1 unearned, 1 walk and 4 strikeouts, but he still took a loss. He faced 18 batters, allowing a .176/.222/.294 batting line.