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Jays Win, Jays Win, Jays Win

Did I mention that the Jays won?

Just an amazing picture
Just an amazing picture
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 4 Angels 0

It feels so good to have a win.

After the first three innings, I figured it was going to be another one of those games.

  • In the first inning we got back-to-back 1-out singles by Steve Tolleson and Melky Cabrera, but Tolleson, for reasons that defy logic, decided to steal. With Jose Bautista up, nonetheless. And he was out. Just stupid baseball.
  • In the second Nolan Reimold led off with a double and Dioner Navarro was hit by pitch. But Darin Mastroianni tried and failed to bunt, then hit a ball hard, unfortunately right at the shortstop. Easy DP.
  • Then in the third, Jose Reyes blooped one to right, but rounded the base too far. He scrambled back, and was called safe, but the Angels challenged. Now if we challenged, it would have been inconclusive.

After that, the game got much better:

  • We got 1 in the 5th. Consecutive singles from Munenori Kawasaki, Josh Thole and Jose Reyes.
  • 2 in the 7th. Munenori singled and Reyes homered.
  • And 1 more in the 8. Jose Bautista singled, went to second on a passed ball (they called it a steal). He should have been out, but the throw from the catcher wasn't good. Then Dioner Navarro singled him home.

Reyes...other than the stupid moment over running first, had a great game. 4 hits, 3 RBI. A couple of highlight reel plays at short. I'm hoping this is a turnaround game for him.

Munenori had a great game too, 2 for 3 and the nicest over the shoulder catch in the 8th. Tolleson and Reimold had 2 hits each as well. Reimold's were doubles.

Great start from R.A. Dickey. 7 innings, 4 hits and 1 walk allowed with 5 strike outs. And John Gibbons deserves a medal for pulling him at 96 pitches. Great job Gibby.

Dustin McGowan gave up a hit in his scoreless inning, but looked good, throwing 98, if Sportsnet's gun can be trusted. Aaron Loup pitched a quick 9th.

Jays of the Day are Dickey (.428) and Reyes (.266).

Darin Mastroianni gets the Suckage (he did make a nice catch in CF) for his 0 for 4. The only Jay in the lineup without a hit.

We had a very nice GameThread and a half. 1422 comments.  Pikachu led the way, bringing us our first win in days. Great job.

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