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Badly played baseball: Jays lose

What should have been a good moment.
What should have been a good moment.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 7 Angels 8

May I say right off the start. I HATE BUNTING.

I mean, there is the rare occasion it is the right move, generally for the pitcher in an NL game. First few innings of a AL game, it shouldn't even come to mind.

Anyway, really not the best played baseball game that you will ever see. Baserunning errors, throwing errors, fielding errors, umpire errors, replay errors, manager errors and announcer errors. Likely blogger errors too.

At least we are hitting again.

.I'm not going to try to recap it all:

  • We seem to be hitting again. Not all that much power, but I'm ok with starting slow and building to the homers.
  • The stupid play started in our half of the first inning. Jose Reyes singles, and Angels starter C.J.Wilson throws a pick off throw down the right field line. Reyes to second. Steve Tolleson squares to bunt and misses (bunting in the first inning, with a runner on second, is as dumb as it gets). Then Steve grounds out to third, Reyes, goes 2nd to 3rd on the throw (great play), but the throw back to third goes over the third baseman. The ball hits the wall, and bounces straight back towards the field (bad luck). Rivera sends Jose (bad move, one out? Keep him there unless you are sure). Throw comes home, Reyes doesn't slide (he didn't see the throw coming, and Melky Cabrera was off to the side instead of straight in view, where he should have been, to coach Reyes. The tag was on his back leg, when his front leg was either on the plate or just about on the plate. Called out. Play reviewed. Replays show safe, but review comes back out. I hate the replay system.
  • In the Angels half of the second, Reyes let a ball through his legs. Bad bad play. Erick Aybar to second. Then 3 consecutive soft singles, in front of our deep playing outfield and the Angels are up by two.
  • Top of the third, Munenori Kawasaki and Reyes start us with back to back singles. Tolleson, against a lefty (he hits lefties well) bunts. It works. But after Melky grounds out (to third, high throw, first baseman jumps up to get it, comes down on the bag, called safe on the field, but the review overturns it, because it wasn't us reviewing it). Because of the successful bunt, first base is open, Angels walk Jose Bautista. Thankfully Nolan Reimold also walks and we get a run.
  • Bottom of the inning, Mike Trout on second, Albert Pujols singles to left, Melky throws him out at the play. Bad send with no one out.  Angels do score in the inning. 3-1 Angels.
  • Jays score 5 in the top of the 4th, helped by 2 Angel errors and a wild pitch. Reimold has the biggest hit, a 2-run double. He's been great for us.6-3 Jays.
  • Bottom of the 4th. Marcus Stroman, who was so good early in the game, isn't good.  A walk, a single and a Kole Calhoun 3-run homer. Tied at 6-6.
  • Top of the 5th, more stupid bunting. Dioner Navarro doubles and Colby Rasmus walks. It looks like we are going to go into the lead, but Munenori Kawasaki bunts into a force at third. Bunting with Navarro on second, there is no margin for error, even a perfect bunt will likely end with him out. He's just that slow. Strikeouts by Reyes and Juan Francisco end the inning.
  • We go ahead in the 6th. Navarro singles home Melky.
  • Aaron Loup gives up a 2-run homer to Albert Pujols in the 7th.
  • We couldn't make another comeback.
  • There was some good defense. Mike Trout made a great catch on Colby Rasmus and Erick Aybar made a great play in the 8th on a Erik Kratz hard hit grounder.
Jays of the Day are Redmond (.125, 2 scoreless innings, 1 walk, 2 k), Reimold (.289, 2 for 4, 3 RBI), Navarro (.337, 3 for 5).

I'll put up the comment count board tomorrow. I'm running late.