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Mom's advice reveals broken foot, sidelining Adam Lind for six to eight weeks

Happier days
Happier days
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Mother knows best. This is true for Adam Lind's mother, who advised her major leaguer son to get an MRI on his right foot, which has failed to heal since he fouled a ball off of it in a game against the Baltimore Orioles back in mid-June (Tom Dakers was in attendance for that game, I'd just like to add). The MRI revealed a non-displaced fracture that a previous X-ray had shown to be just a bone bruise, according to John Gibbons when he spoke with the beat writers.

Lind missed just a handful of games after that series in Baltimore, but mostly it was because the Blue Jays were facing a lefty. However, Lind didn't look right at all when he came in as a replacement for the injured Edwin Encarnacion on Saturday against the Athletics. He look hobbled and couldn't run down several pop-ups that were hit to the vast foul expanse of the Coliseum. It became apparent that something must have been wrong with Lind after he failed to appear as a pinch hitter during today's game against the Angels, even after the Angels had run out of left-handed pitchers.

The news that no one had known that Lind's foot had been broken for the better part of three weeks--and that it took the player's mom's suggestion before an MRI was done--may cause one to lash out against the Blue Jays' training and medical staff. However, small non-displaced fractures are difficult to detect on X-rays (they're not called hairline fractures for nothing). Perhaps a medical doctor can comment on whether the Blue Jays should have proactively taken an MRI scan of the foot even though nothing showed up on the X-rays.

Adam Lind will be placed on the disabled list before the Blue Jays' next game on Friday, joining Cole Gillespie (who was set to platoon with Lind at DH), Edwin Encarnacion, Brett Lawrie, Brandon Morrow, and Brett Cecil. Jose Bautista is just returning from a hamstring issue, and Jose Reyes is reportedly suffering from a shoulder injury. These Blue Jays may not be The Walking Dead, but they are certainly the walking (or limping) wounded.

Positionally, the obvious replacement for Lind is triple-A All-Star slugger Dan Johnson. Johnson, 34, has been a fan favourite in buffalo, hitting an International League-leading 17 home runs through 92 games. His .251 batting average may not be impressive, but he has a .405 OBP thanks to a league-leading 78 walks (which actually leads all of affiliated baseball). The left-handed batter has pretty even career splits against righties and lefties on the mound, but the last two years in the minors have shown that he does have a preference for right-handers. Bluebird Banter's Julian Santiago caught up with Johnson several weeks ago, who said that he is prepared to contribute to the major league club if the need arises--and now, it certainly has.

Johnson is not on the 40-man roster, so a move must made to clear both the 25- and the 40-man roster in order to bring him to the big leagues. The recent acquisition of Nolan Reimold means that Darin Mastroianni is likely the candidate to go. Mastroianni is currently in his third option year so he can be returned to triple-A without being exposed to waivers if the Jays decide against designating him for assignment. Should the Jays option Mastroianni, a spot can be created on the 40-man roster by sliding Neil Wagner, who has missed over a month already, to the 60-day disabled list.