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Jose Bautista drives in the winning run in the 19th inning. Jays beat Tigers!

This was hours ago.
This was hours ago.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Tigers Blue Jays

That one started badly.

Mark Buehrle has been terrible lately. He wasn't helped by particularly bad error error by Jose Reyes. We could have been out of that first inning without the Tigers scoring. But, Buehrle was hit hard and often. Mark went 3.1, allowed 9 hits, 5 runs (3 unearned), with 4 strikeouts. He was helped by the rather large strike zone.

Tood Redmond and Aaron Sanchez deserve a ton of credit for keeping the Tigers off the scoreboard for 5.2 innings giving us the chance to going back.

We had trouble with David Price, as always, but we finally got a bit of luck with 2 out in the 6th, when Danny Valencia hit a hard one up the middle that hit Price ( think I would have taken him out of the game, why take a chance) and bounced into right field for a double. I'm not sure how much it hurt Price but Dioner Navarro followed with a home run to get us on the board.

Price gave up a walk and a single to start the 7th and was pulled from the game. Phil Coke came in and got Munenori Kawasaki to hit into a force at second, itwas almost a double play but Muni got down the line quick and Ian Kinsler's throw pulled Miguel Cabrera off first. Reyes and Melky Cabrera, hit single to get us two runs. Jose Bautista came up with the tying run at second, but struck out on a full count and Gibby sent the runners, Reyes was just out at third to end the inning.

In the 9th. Gibby had Anthony Gose pinch hit for Steve Tolleson and it was the right move. Gose singled, then stole second on strike 3 to Colby Rasmus. He was called out, but, for once, Gibby's challenge got us the call we wanted. I was sure they wouldn't overturn it, I thought he was safe but it was very close. Kawasaki followed with a flare to left but Rajai Davis was playing very shallow and made a nice catch. Melky walked and then the Tigers intentionally walked Jose Bautista to load the bases. But Juan Francisco struck out for the second time in two at bats to end the inning.

From here out, it's play by play.

Brett Cecil got us through the top of the 10th.

Navarro singled to start the bottom of the 10th and Gibby had Marcus Stroman pinch run. Interesting move. But Nolan Reimold struck out and Anthony Gose hit into yet another double play.

Cecil got one out in the 11th, then gave up a double to the wall from Alex Avila and came out of the game for Dustin McGowan and he got us out of the inning. And we did nothing in the bottom of the 11th.

McGowan got the first two outs of the 12th, then gave up a walk and a single and Aaron Loup came in to get Don Kelly to end the inning. Melky started our half of the 12th with a single, Bautista popped one to left. Melky moved up on a wild pitch and Francisco walked. Josh Thole hit one hard but it was caught.

In the 13th, Casey Janssen got a fly out, gave up a walk and a hard hit single that almost bounced over Melky's head. Melky got the ball back in and they had Andrew Romine in a run, Bautista dove at the Romine and just tagged him before he got to second, but the ump called him safe. Fortunately we got out second challenge that New York got right for the game. Rajai Davis bounced one to Bautista at first and Jose juggled it but made the play.

The bottom of the inning didn't start well, Gose struck out, Rasmus ground out. But Munenori took a walk and Reyes hit one down the right field line to give us runners on the corners. Melky walked, but Bautista swung at the first pitch for a weak ground out.

Chad Jenkins got the 14th. He got a ground out, then Francisco booted one. Victor Martinez popped out. Torii Hunter singled to center but Don Kelly hit a fly out to center. In our half, Reimold took a two out walk but that was it.

On to the 15. Jenkins still in. A strikeout. Another strikeout. And a ground ball back to Jenkins.

In bottom of the inning Colby came with in a few feet of ended it, but instead got a double, Munenori popped up a bunt, I hate bunts. Reyes ground out. They intentionally walked Cabrera and Bautista to face Francisco, who took a ball and then weakly ground out on a bad pitch. Stupid baseball.

In the 16th, Jenkins got Davis to ground out. Ian Kinsler got an infield single (Muni took a step to his right, before the pitch, the ball was just out of his reach to the right) , Miguel Cabrera singled and they intentionally walked Victor Martinez to load the bases. Torii Hunter hit into a 1-2-3 double play.

Joe Nathan (my hero) came in to pitch the bottom of the 16th.Thole ground out. Reimold struck out (for the 5th time). Gose singled to left and stole second. They intentionally walked Colby after 3 balls. Munenori flied out to center on the first pitch.

Jenkins stayed in for the 17th. He got ground outs to short, third. Then there was a single past Juan at third, but Jenkins got a ground out two 2nd.

The Tigers brought in Rick Porcello for the bottom of the inning. Reyes led off with a single. Melky walked. Bautista popped out to right. Francisco hit one to right that the right fielder got on a hop and threw Melky out at second. Nothing Melky could do about it.. A 9-6 force. Thole ground out to short.....on to

The 18th. Jenkins got Davis to ground out and gave up a single to Kinsler, past Juan. Cabrera hit one to the wall in CF, I thought it was out, but Colby made a nice catch. Victor Martinez got a lucky bounce and an infield hit. Hunter ground out to Bautista at first.

Porcello pitched a quick 1, 2, 3 10th.

Jenkins gave up a single to start the 19th. Then a strikeout of Eugenio Suarez. Colby Rasmus made an incredible catch on a Bryan Holaday fly. Kelly steals second, no throw. And a strikeout of Romine to keep it tied.

Muni started the bottom of the 19th with a single. I can't believe he finally got one to fall. Reyes bunted and the Tigers made an error...runners on the corners. An intention walk of Melky loaded them for Jose. Again. Bautista hits one down the right field line and the Jays win.

Love you Jose.

Navarro helped us a ton by throwing out two base stealers.

Jays of the Day are: McGowan (.226), Janssen (.143), Sanchez (.120), Loup (.117). Super JotD are: Reyes (.606), Melky (.457). Finally, Chad Jenkins had a .861 WPA(!), good for the team's first Ultra Jay of the Day (> .800 WPA) since Bautista and Kawasaki did it 4 days apart in May 2013 (which really makes it seem a much more common occurrence than it is).

Suckage: Buehrle (-.287), Francisco (-.512), Thole (-.342), Reimold (-.296), Kawasaki (-.367). Bautista had the number too (-.328) but I can't give him one.

Source: FanGraphs

We'll edit this later and talk more of this game later, but I have to get on with life. Great game Jays. Enjoy your flight to Seattle.

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