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Blue Jays send Ryan Goins to Buffalo

Tom Szczerbowski

The Blue Jays need to make room for Adam Lind, and I'd imagine for a reliever, before tomorrow's game against the Seattle Mariners, so they have sent Ryan Goins down to the Buffalo Bisons.

Since his return to the Jays, Goins has been hitting .250/.250/.317 in 18 games. He looked good, in his first few starts but seems to have lost whatever spark he had. He didn't take a single walk and he only had 3 extra base hits in this stint with the Blue Jays. His defense looked great but he does need to get a hit on occasion.

With the Bisons he was hitting .285/.331/.344 in 79 games.

The Jays haven't announced the corresponding move, but odds are it is Adam Lind returning to the lineup. We could really use his bat.

It is possible that the Jays will call up a pitcher and have Lind wait a day before joining the team, but I doubt it. I think it is more likely that Chad Jenkins is going to make the trip back to Buffalo and someone come up to give us some depth in the pen.

I'd imagine that, among the guys in the pen. that  McGowan, Loup and maybe Janssen could pitch tomorrow. Perhaps Cecil too. But I would think they will want someone else that could go 2 or 3 innings.

Bye Ryan, I imagine we'll be seeing you again before long.


It isn't Adam Lind coming up, it is Brad Mills getting the call. We do need an arm in the pen,  but I figured Lind was ready. Hope this stint goes better than the last for Mills.