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What would you do if you were the Commissioner of the MLB?

Rob Carr

The MLB owners are voting on a new Commissioner today.

On the off chance the vote me in (stranger things have happened) (no, nothing stranger has happened) I thought I'd ask you all what you would do if the job was yours?


  1. First order of business would be to put the wheels in motion to get a team back in Montreal. Might as well correct some of Bud's mistakes.
  2. I'd make dealings with umpires more transparent. I'd work with them to make the strike zone more standardized. If I can't get that, we'll find a way to do robot umpires. Strike zones should be the same for rookie pitchers and veteran pitchers. And we should have the same zone for the home team and the road team.
  3. I'd also make the review system more transparent. Show the fans the set up. Let us know who is making those calls. Make sure the standard for 'not enough evidence to overturn' is the same at all times.
  4. Suspensions for the 'unwritten rules police'. You start a fight because the other team is playing the game, you are going to be watching, not playing. You throw at someone because they celebrated or stole a base or whatever, you get a suspension.
  5. Work towards speeding up the game. The stalling moves would be outlawed. Teams can't stall to make time for relievers to warm up. Batters stay in the box during at bats.
  6. The All-Star game, 'this time it matters' stuff would end. The All-Star game won't decide who gets home field advantage. That's just stupid. Encourage the players and managers to have fun with the All-Star game. I'd make the home run derby shorter and see about adding other competitions, as Minor Leaguer suggested.
  7. I'd suggest (push, insist, whatever word works) that teams deal with all forms of media (but that's kind of self serving).

That would be a start. Give us your ideas.