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Around The Nest: Blue Jays Minor League Podcast - Week 20

This week's title: Our Magnum Opitz

We are closing in on the end of the minor league season, so there are only a few 'Around the Nest' episodes left, so give us your questions in for the Blue Jays' minor league radio broadcasters in the thread below.

It's getting down to the playoff stretch drive. My question would be, 'do the players think about making the playoffs in the minors?'

I've really enjoyed listening in the to guys that see every pitch of each of our minor league teams. It is nice to get the first hand view point.

The link for this week's episode is right here. Tune live in this evening at 5 pm Eastern or download it at a later time to listen in.

The question of the week is:  What are the best nicknames on your team?

While you are waiting, you can listen to last week's show:

So it's time to give them questions for this weeks' episode.