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Jays to option Anthony Gose, making room for Edwin Encarnacion

Gose hitting a home run
Gose hitting a home run
Tom Szczerbowski

Shi Davidi tweeted this:

Not a surprise but not an easy call either. A lot of us figured that, since Juan Francisco isn't hitting and his defense isn't what you would like out of a third baseman, he might get the DFA treatment. But, with the September roster expansion only a couple of weeks away and with Brett Lawrie not likely to be back until September, the team's decided that it is best that Gose be the odd man out.

Gose is hitting .234/.333/.29 for the Jays, in 69 games this season, but his August hasn't been great. He's hitting .174/.240/.304 in 11 games this month.

Not that Francisco has been great this month either. He's hitting .065/.121/.097 in 10 games this month. He also has 11 strikeouts in 33 plate appearances. He's frustrating to watch, he seems to have lost all ability to recognize pitches. Earlier in the season, he was having trouble with breaking pitches, but when he got a fastball, he would crush it. Lately, even fastballs are giving him trouble.

Even if Gose isn't hitting, he has value on defense and as a pinch runner. If Juan isn't hitting, there is nothing of value to him.

Bye Anthony. See you September 1st, if not sooner.

Also, the Jays have announce that John Stilson has had surgery to repair a torn labrum. In last week's 'Around the Nest' we heard that Stilson had surgery but the exact nature wasn't known. Stilson is done for the season.