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Report: Alex Anthopoulos will return next year

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Over in the Sun, Steve Simmons tells us that Alex Anthopoulos will be back next year:

Apparently, there is no temperature at all to remove Anthopoulos from his job - in fact, quite the opposite sentiment exists - with an appreciation internally for the manner in which he has conducted his business.

It goes on to say:

No matter what happens over the final 38 games, it appears pleased that Anthopoulous has put the club's future in good pitching hands with a potential rotation down the road that includes Marcus Stroman, Aaron Sanchez, Drew Hutchison and minor-league stalwart Daniel Norris - all of whom are 23 years old or younger.

Yeah, well, I do think our rotation should be in good shape for the next few years, but I don't know that that, by itself, is enough to guarantee Alex his job for next year.

Simmons goes on to say that he assumes that if Alex returns, so will John Gibbons.

Simmons doesn't name his source on this, he just says 'a bevy of major-league sources' tell him this. I don't know who that would be. I wouldn't consider Rogers executives to be a bevy major league sources. If he's talking about people from other teams, I'm not sure how they would know.

I believe that when a GM or manager gets a vote of confidence from ownership, they might as well start packing. It always seems that within a week of a vote of confidence the firing happens, but then there is no comment from any Rogers' executives in this.

Let's have a poll.