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Jays lose to Astros

The roof open in Houston in August?
The roof open in Houston in August?
Scott Halleran

Blue Jays 2 Astros 8

That was terrible.

I guess some games are like that, but you would have thought the last place team would look terrible and the team battling to stay in contention would look good.

R.A. Dickey wasn't good. He went 7 innings, plus a batter and allowed 9 hits, 5 earned, no walks with 3 strikeouts. It just wasn't his night.

Course Brett Cecil didn't help, coming in in the 8th with a runner on 1st, and gave up a home run, a single and an inside the park home run, and that ended any hope of a come back. On the inside the park one,  Anthony Gose slipped chasing the ball. They almost got Jon Singleton at the plate, the umpire called him out, but it was overturned on replay.

In the top of the 8th, down by 2, it looked like we were going to tie things. Colby Rasmus walk and Juan Francisco hit a ball deep, it looked like it would be a game tying home runs, but Robbie Grossman made a terrific catch going over the wall to steal the home run from us.

We didn't do much on offense, you would think we'd be able to hit a lefty by now, with Valencia and Reimold in the lineup, but we only had 6 hits on the day.

No Jays of the Day. Suckage goes to Dickey (-.166) and Ryan Goins (-.101 for an 0 for 4). I'm giving one to Cecil too, even though he's only at -..049.

We had 751 comment in the GameThread, without me (we had a little party for my son's birthday). Pikachu led the way, a gritty effort, in a losing cause.

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1 Pikachu 148
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