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Dalton Pompey promoted to Buffalo

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

As e&n4e noted, in the game recap, Dalton Pompey tweeted this out tonight:

I'm very happy for him.

He's had an terrific season. It started in Dunedin where, in 70 games,  he hit .319/.397/.471 with 6 triples, 6 home runs, 35 walks and 56 strikeouts and he stole 29 bases, getting caught just 2 times. Moving up to New Hampshire, he played 30 games, hitting .296/.382/.454, with 3 triples, 2 home runs, 14 walks, 18 strikeouts and 8 steals. It's nice that he has found some power this year.

He chasing Daniel Norris up the ladder, both playing 3 levels in one season. I wouldn't expect him to see Toronto this year, but maybe sometime next season? I wonder if Anthony Gose will see his presence at Buffalo as a challenge, something that pushes him to do better? I hope so. Dalton is 21, Gose is 24 now.

Congratulations Dalton.