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Thursday Blue Jays Bites: Dan Norris to make final start of season, minor league promotions, Toronto-Creighton trademark battle

Warren Buffett is a Creighton Bluejays fan
Warren Buffett is a Creighton Bluejays fan
Eric Francis
Dan Norris to transition to bullpen

Mike Harrington of Buffalo News revealed that Daniel Norris's start on Thursday will be his last for the Bisons, as the Blue Jays have plans to transition him to the bullpen, similar to what was done with Aaron Sanchez before the latter's callup.

Last week, Alex Anthopoulos told Ben Ennis and Mike Wilner on Sportsnet Radio 590 The Fan last week that a conversion to the bullpen will help the front office "see if [Norris] could be a factor" for the big club in September.

Minor League Transactions

The Blue Jays made a few minor league transactions today. Here are the key ones:

  • Already announced last night, Mississauga boy Dalton Pompey was promoted from New Hampshire (AA) to Buffalo (AAA). He has played three levels this season.
  • Gustavo Pierre was promoted from Dunedin (A-Adv) to New Hampshire (AA).
  • Mitch Nay was sent from Lansing (A) to Dunedin (A-Adv).
  • Grayson Huffman was promoted from the GCL Blue Jays (Rk) to the Bluefield Blue Jays (Rk).
  • Brad Glenn was sent down to New Hampshire (AA) from Buffalo (AAA). Remember he played six big league games this season?
  • UPDATED: Richard Urena promoted to Vancouver (ss-A), Rowdy Tellez going all the way up to Lansing (A) from Bluefield (Rk).
Blue Jays vs. Bluejays at the USPTO
The Toronto Blue Jays (formally the Rogers Blue Jays Baseball Partnership) has filed an opposition against the registration of the new Creighton University Bluejays logo, according to a report from Chris Creamer at As you can see from Warren Buffett's face, Creighton's logo is a stylized blue jay head, which apparently is similar enough to the Blue Jays' current and past logos for the club to attempt to block the university's trademark application.

Twitter user Matt English (@matttomic) did a quick search for all the trademark opposition cases involving the Rogers Blue Jays Baseball Partnership on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website. Notable oppositions included:
Of course, the Blue Jays aren't the only team to file trademark oppositions. Here are a few that, in my non-professional legal opinion, are ridiculous (and funny):
  • The New York Yankees tried to oppose Viking Ventures, a restaurant, for using the word mark "Highlanders", a name the franchise hasn't used since 1912.
  • The Yankees also opposed a t-shirt maker called Evil Enterprises Inc. for using the word mark "Baseballs (sic) Evil Empire". The opposition contains fantastic bits like these:
  • "...because of the Club’s successes, including its outstanding record in MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL competitions and WORLD SERIES titles, and its relatively lucrative player contracts, Opposer has been commonly and extensively referred to by the press, media, fans and the public by the designation the "Evil Empire" in addition to its names NEW YORK YANKEES and YANKEES. The "Evil Empire" designation was originally coined by the CEO of the BOSTON RED SOX club, an arch rival of the YANKEES Club, as a derogatory reference to Opposer. "
  • "The term "evil empire" has a negative connotation because the word "evil" refers to that which is morally wrong or bad, immoral, wicked, harmful and/or injurious. The BASEBALLS EVIL EMPIRE mark will be understood to refer to the Club, and, upon information and belief, is clearly intended to do so, and thus may disparage Opposer, or bring Opposer into contempt or disrepute among a significant segment of the consuming public"
  • The Texas Rangers opposed Saban Entertainment's registration of "Power Rangers"
  • The St. Louis Cardinals opposed a Montana drinkware company when they registered the trademark "Rally Squirrel". Again a snippet from the opposition:
  • "In the Club’s exciting run up to its 2011 WORLD SERIES victory, a squirrel ran across the field at Busch Stadium, Opposer’s home ballpark, in Games 3 and 4 of the National League Division Championship games against the PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES club on October 4, and October 5, 2011. These unexpected appearances caused a sensation among CARDINALS fans and the media, and "Rally Squirrel," as he was dubbed, became a lucky mascot of and immediately associated with, the Club and its 2011 Postseason run which resulted in a very unlikely WORLD SERIES victory for the Club."

The moral of this story is that I should have become a lawyer and made mad cash-moneyz making people's lives a nightmare.

Protest Upheld

Not Blue Jays-related, but the Cubs had one more win last night than they have now. The Wrigley Field groundscrew had a little trouble putting a tarp onto the infield last night during a rain stormwhich caused a 4.5-hour delay before the game was finally called a Cubs victory as they were leading 2-0 in an official game (4.5 innings had been played). The Giants understandably protested, and it was upheld this afternoon, making the match a suspended game that will be completed later this season. This was MLB's first upheld game since 1986.