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Who will be the Blue Jays September Callups?

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

We are getting close to September callup time and, the way the team is playing, we might as well take our guesses at who will be called up.

Let's take a look at the possibilities, starting with guy that are already on the 40-man roster.


Steve Delabar: Steve was sent down to find himself or his delivery or strike zone. One of those. He has pitched in 21 Bisons games, has 3.20 ERA. In 24.1 innings, he's allowed 18 hits, 15 walks with 33 strikeouts. Batters are hitting .200 off him, but then he's still walking too many. In his last 11.1 innings he's walked 9.

Kyle Drabek: Came up, pitched 3 scoreless innings and got sent back for Sergio Santos. He gave up 2 hits and 2 walks with 5 strikeouts in his 3 innings. I don't see any reason why we wouldn't bring him back up, other than wanting to keep the numbers down in the pen.

Colt Hynes: We picked Colt up off waivers. Hasn't pitched in Buffalo yet. He is a lefty and we could use another one in our pen, but I'd think he'll have to pitch some in Buffalo first. I get the feeling the team will try to sneak him through waivers to open up a spot on the 40-man.

Chad Jenkins: Yes he'll be back, but then he could be up and down 3 times before September 1st.

Brandon Morrow: He's thrown batting practice a couple of times. Anyone's guess if we'll see him or not.

Sean Nolin: Sean's had a great season in Buffalo, 3.42 ERA, in 16 starts. He's a lefty, and a starter, he could spell someone in the rotation who has pitched enough innings, but then I get the feeling that he's not really in the team's plans. I could be wrong but he doesn't get much mention from the team. His chance for a call up could depend on whether the team decides to call up Daniel Norris

Rob Rasmussen: He's been up a few times, I don't see any reason he wouldn't be brought up again. He's pitched in 10 games for the Jays and has a 3.18 ERA. It is possible they would leave him in Buffalo until their season is over.

Neil Wagner: Injured, gone for the season. I can imagine the team dropping him off the 40-man.


A.J. Jimenez: On the DL at the moment, it doesn't sound like anything serious, but he hasn't had a great year with the bat, hitting .270/.309/.355 in Buffalo. The Jays should bring up a catchers, but I'm thinking it is more likely that George Kottaras comes up. I guess it depends if they want to open up a spot on the 40-man for Kottaras.

Ryan Goins: Yeah, he'll be up.

Matt Hague: A recent pick up off waivers. He's hitting .391/.417/.652 in his first 5 games in Buffalo. I'd imagine he'd stay there at least until their season is over. I think he'd only get the call if we had an injury to Lind or Encarnacion.

Dan Johnson: Dan is on the DL, playing on a rehab assignment. I imagine he'll be activated September 1st or soon after.

Brett Lawrie: He's working out again, he should be back sometime in early September.

Anthony Gose: He'll be back September 1.

Kevin Pillar: I guess we'll find out on September 1st how deep in Gibby's dog house he is. He's hitting .327/.363/.514 in Buffalo and hitting .357 over his last 10 games. They have to bring him up, right?

Guys not on the 40-man who might get the call:

Daniel Norris: Alex has been talking about bringing him up. He's 3-0 with a 1.08 ERA since joining the Bisons. I imagine we'll see him.

George Kottaras: He's played 10 game in Buffalo, hitting .323/.432/.645 with 3 home runs. I think we'll see him in September.

Dalton Pompey: His first 3 games in Buffalo have gone well, hitting .429/.467/.500, but I can't imagine they will move him up another step this year, but I'll list him here on the thought that they might want to let him see what life is like in the majors.

So who do you expect to see? I think Delabar, Drabek, Jenkins, Rasmussen and Norris. And Ryan, Johnson, Gose, Pillar and Kottaras. And, of course, Lawrie at some point. That seems like a lot of players and we haven't called many up the last few years, so I've likely picked too many.