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Dalton Pompey and others headed to the Arizona Fall League

Dalton Pompey, Jon Berti, and Dwight Smith Jr. are three of the Blue Jays prospects who will play in the Arizona Fall League this October and November.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the Blue Jays' diminishing chances at making the postseason, Jays fans can still watch some relevant games in October as the Arizona Fall League will start up on October 7 at 12:35 mountain time. Dalton Pompey, who rocketed from Dunedin (A-Adv) all the way up to Buffalo (AAA) this year, will be one of the Blue Jays prospects to play fall. Joining Pompey will be Jon Berti and Dwight Smith, Jr. with more players to be announced.

I must thank Bernie Pleskoff for announcing the names on Twitter, because I had a hell of a time finding this link.

Teams send up to seven players to fill the rosters of their AFL affiliate, and usually they consist of the top prospects in the organization in order to expose them to the top talent of other organizations. So we can expect the Blue Jays to announce four more players (including a few pitchers, one might think) to add to the roster going forward.

The Blue Jays have moved their affiliate from the Salt River Rafters to the Mesa Solar Sox this year, and their prospects will be on the same team as the top prospects from the Cubs, Nationals, Angels, and Athletics. The Blue Jays will be sending roving infield coordinator Mike Mordecai to the AFL to manage the Solar Sox. Joining him will be pitching coaches Ron Villone and Matt Wise, and hitting coach Greg Sparks.


The following Mesa Solar Sox's schedule has been announced by the AFL:

October 2014 (all times MST)
7 @ Glendale, 12:35 PM
8 vs. Glendale, 12:35 PM
9 vs. Salt River, 6:35 PM
10 vs. Surprise, 6:35 PM
11 vs. Peoria, 6:35 PM
13 @ Scottsdale, 6:35 PM
14 vs. Scottsdale, 12:35 PM
15 @ Peoria, 12:35 PM
16 vs. Peoria, 6:35 PM
17 vs. Surprise, 12:35 PM
18 vs. Salt River, 6:35 PM
20 vs. Surprise, 12:35 PM
21 @ Surprise, 12:35 PM
22 @ Scottsdale, 12:35 PM
23 vs. Scottsdale, 12:35 PM
24 @ Peoria, 12:35 PM
25 @ Surprise, 12:35 PM
27 @ Salt River, 12:35 PM
28 vs. Peoria, 12:35 PM
29 @ Scottsdale, 12:35 PM
30 vs. Scottsdale, 12:35 PM
31 @ Glendale, 12:35 PM
November 2014 (all times MST)
3 vs. Salt River, 6:35 PM
4 @ Salt River, 6:35 PM
5 vs. Glendale, 12:35 PM
6 @ Salt River, 6:35 PM
7 vs. Surprise, 12:35 PM
8 @ Surprise, 6:08 PM
10 @ Glendale, 12:35 PM
11 vs. Surprise, 2:35 PM
12 vs. Peoria, 2:35 PM
13 vs. Glendale, 12:35 PM