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What would you give Derek Jeter as a retirement present?

The White Sox gave him a bench.
The White Sox gave him a bench.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

I'm really not a fan of giving retiring players, from other teams, presents. I don't knew when this practice started. I don't remember Carl Yastrzemski getting presents from all the teams he played against. Or George Brett. Or Tony Fernandez or, well, anyone before Mariano Rivera. I think the team the player played for can give him something, a gold watch or whatever, but expecting other teams to give him stuff is strange. Are the Yankees intending to give stuff to Jose Bautista when he retires?

As much as I don't understand, there seems to be some wort of rule that each team gives him a present, so I ask if it were up to you, what would you give the guy? I think the umpires are giving him a enough of a prize with the tiny strike zone they use when he's at bat against us. Maybe a bronzed catcher's shin guard?

Anyway, what would you give him?