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Just bad baseball, Jays lose to Yankees

The good moment.
The good moment.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Yankees 6 (it seemed like so many more) Blue Jays 3

We just played a bad game. I'll recap it, but if I were you I'd just skip to the comment leader board at the end.

Mark Buehrle looked good early. For 6 innings he was good, then, in the 7th everything he threw was hit hard, or well out of the strike zone.

The 7th went, hard double by Brian McCann over Jose Bautista, Bautista maybe should have caught it but it was a tough play. Carlos Beltran walked. Brett Gardiner also doubled over Bautista, this one Jose didn't have a shot at. Bautista threw it into Steve Tolleson and Tolleson, for reasons that defy understanding decided to throw towards third, even though he had no shot at Beltran. Steve missed third by a good bit, allowing Beltran to score and moving Gardiner to third. Ichiro Suzuki tapped an infield single that didn't score Gardiner. And that was it for Buehrle. He was great/good for 6 innings and then in the 7th everything he threw was high.

Aaron Loup came in and did strikeout Chase Headley. But, with Jacoby Ellsbury up, Dioner Navarro decided to try to pick Gardiner off third and threw it into left. It was just a stupid play. Ellsbury followed that we a home run and that was pretty much the game.

Dustin McGowan gave up a solo homer in the 9th to Chase Headley (just shoot me).

Our awesome offense managed 3 runs. Jose Bautista homered (for the third straight game) in the 4th, giving us a 1-0 league. And we got two more runs in the 7th. Colby Rasmus took a 1-out walk and scored on Kevin Pillar's double. Jose Reyes reached on a Derek Jeter error, moving Pillar to third. Melky Cabrera scored him on a pretty shallow sac fly. Good running by Pillar. Gardner in left made an error on the throw, letting Reyes to second. Bautista was hit by pitch, giving us a chance to tie the game, but Edwin Encarnacion sliced one straight at right fielder Suzuki.

Jays of the Day? Bautista is the only one that got the number, putting up a .120 WPA, but I'm giving up to Pillar too. He was 2 for 4 with  a double. He was exciting on the bases and he made a couple of very nice catches in CF.  At least he was fun to watch. Navarro was 3 for 4, but I'm not giving him a JoD because that throw was terrible. Rasmus was the only over Jay to do much with the bat, going 2 for 3 with a walk.

Suckage: Buehrle (-.138, almost not fair, he was so good early), Loup (-..098), Edwin (-.132, 0 for 4), Danny Valencia (-.117, 0 for 4, and a terrible throw home on a soft ground ball that, somehow, we got the out call, after Gibby asked for a challenge) and Melky (-.117, 0 for 4)

We had 854 comments in the thread, that veered off into Alberta politics and the relative values of ice cream and sex (youth is wasted on the wrong people). You kind of had to be there. Spor beat me out for the top spot, good job.

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