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Why hasn't Alex talked to the players?

Tom Szczerbowski

So this is going to be the reoccurring story line, every time the Jays lose a game (from Scott Macarthur at TSN):

General manager Alex Anthopoulos, who's cut his travel with the big league club considerably this season, surprised some players with his decision not to fly to Houston and address the team.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the first time the team had gathered in the home clubhouse in 12 days, nothing had been said to the group by Anthopoulos or anyone higher in the Blue Jays' front office.

I really hate this stuff, my twitter feed was filled with the Jays lost because they were disappointed in the lack of moves before the deadline. It wasn't because Mark Buehrle was terrible, they didn't hit and the Orioles are pretty good.

As much I hate it, if I'm Alex, I'm going down to talk to the players. I might not be a believer in the idea, but I figure if the players have an excuse, they might use it. Why not just eliminate the issue.

Teams look lousy when they lose. They always looks lifeless losing. When we lose I see tweets saying one of two things, either, they are defeated look at their terrible body language or how come they are smiling when they lose. What ever they do is going to be wrong.

I never think communication is wrong, if they players are talking about wanting to hear from management, then go talk to them. GMs always come into their jobs talking about how they are going to install an open line of communication and then when things happen, they stop talking.

It doesn't cost anything to take the elevator down to the clubhouse, spend 20 minutes answering questions from the players and let this die a quick death. Get over it, and let's win and lose games without having this in the back of everyone's head.

I don't know, maybe Gibby has a 'chain of command' thing and doesn't want Alex coming into his territory. I doubt it, but it's possible. But, for a one time thing, get it done. Tell the players that management believes in them, tell them they tried to make some trades but nothing worked out, answer their questions and then tell them to forget about it and go out and play.