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Blue Jays put Brett Lawrie on DL (again), Rob Rasmussen recalled

Tom Szczerbowski

I hate this: the Blue Jays got 3 innings (and 1 single) out of Brett Lawrie and he's back on the DL. Obviously the MRI he had showed a reason for the 'lower back stiffness' that took him out of the game. They are calling it 'left oblique strain' now, which is less than good. That can take a long time to come back from, but the Jays aren't giving a timeline on it.

Lawrie has no end of bad luck. Taking a ball off the hand and breaking a finger, well that's bad luck, it could happen to anyone (though perhaps he could keep his hands a little further back from the strike zone). The oblique trouble is new, I don't remember him having this problem before.

I don't see it being being a case of bringing the guy back to soon from rehab.

Rob Rasmussen gets another call up to fill the empty roster spot. So we are back to the 8-man bullpen, but then that will just be for a day, Steve Tolleson will be back from the Paternity List tomorrow. Rasmussen has a 3.18 ERA.

Also Cole Gillespie was outrighted to Buffalo.


Shows what my memory is worth on a Thursday morning, this is Brett's third oblique problem.