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Blue Jays CEO Paul Beeston: 'No question' on higher payroll in 2015

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Beeston talked on the Brady and Walker show on Fan 590 this morning and once again he said that he and Alex  have never gone to Rogers, asking for money, and  been refused. This always sounds like double talk to me. It may be precisely true, but I'd would also imagine that Paul and Alex know when they can and can't ask for more money. I think it is likely that Alex knows exactly what his budget is, and knows that he isn't to ask for more.

The 'Rogers has never refused us' thing rings a little hollow after they had to pass the hat around to make an offer to Ervin Santana. Either he's lying or Alex never asked Rogers for money to sign Santana and went straight to the players. That sounds weird to me.

He also said that salary "is up this year and will be up next year, there is no question about that". I really do think there is a question about that. I'd be surprised if it is up much next year. He's right, Rogers has allowed the payroll to go up and up and up. Cotts numbers for the past four years:

2014: $137,177,700
2013: $119,277,800
2012: $ 83,739,200
2011: $ 70,567,800

So we have pretty much doubled payroll in four years. I think that puts a myth to the Rogers is cheap thing.

Next year? There are guys that will be getting raises:

  • Mark Buehrle goes from $19 million to $20 million.
  • Jose Reyes goes from $16 million to $22 million.
  • Edwin Encarnacion goes from $9 million to $10 million.
  • Dioner Navarro goes from $3 million to $5 million.
    But we also have a fair number of contracts coming off the books. My guess is the payroll will be pretty much what it is this year.
  • Beeston said that the lack of moves at deadline had nothing to do with a lack of money but for baseball reasons, that Alex couldn't find a deal that liked. Again, it sounds like a half truth to me. I think Alex knew better than to talk any deal that would add to the payroll.
  • Asked about signing Melky Cabrera and he said he hoped they would sign him. I really wish he would have something concrete on this one. I wish that they had made an offer to Melky by now. Hearing him say 'I hope he signs with us' bugs me, what I'd like to hear is we are working towards signing him.