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Blue Jays add Dalton Pompey and Kendall Graveman to call-up list

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Dalton Pompey's brother tweeted this:

And Kendall Graveman tweeted this:

The last few years the Blue Jays didn't see to want to call up any prospect in September, this year, we seem to be calling up all of them. This is really a surprise to me.

Minor Leaguer tells me that Kendall Graveman, Daniel Norris, and Dalton Pompey were all playing for A-Advanced Dunedin between April 30 and June 12. It is great to see them move up so quickly.

That they've called up Graveman makes me think that they are thinking of maybe having Stroman and/or Hutchison skip a start at some point.

No relative of Anthony Gose has tweeted that he is getting the call. I wonder what he will think if Pompey goes up and he doesn't? I'm sure he won't be happy. It would make me think that they are trying to sent some message to Gose. It definitely looks like the team has jumped Pompey ahead of Gose in their plans. I'm also wondering if Sean Nolin will be coming up. If I was him I wouldn't be too happy to be jumped by yet another pitcher.

Congratulations Dalton and Kendall. I'm looking forward to seeing you play.