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Full list of Blue Jays September call-ups

Tom Szczerbowski

I just finish the last post and Shi Davidi posts this:

Shi, if you could have tweeted this ten minutes earlier.

Anyway we do get another catcher....glad to see it and interested to see George Kottaras.

I'm not sure how Gibby will find enough innings for all those pitchers but it should be interesting. Added to the pitching staff are Daniel Norris, Sean Nolin, Kendall Graveman and Brandon Morrow. I thought an 8 man bullpen was too much.

I don't think we'll see Marcus Stroman pinch-running anymore. Anthony Gose and Dalton Pompey gives up a lot of speed on the bench. And it is good to have Dan Johnson back, giving us another good pinch hitter. Ryan Goins brings us a better glove in the middle of the infield.

Also John Mayberry, Jr will be joining the team tomorrow. We are going to have use two players at each position to get everyone in.

Each September for the past few years I've been hoping they would be bringing up a bunch of prospects in September and I've been disappointed each year, so I'm happy to see so many call-ups this year. It should be interesting.