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Wednesday Bantering: Notes on Blue Jays in September

Tom Szczerbowski

Little bits and pieces:

  • The Blue Jays have scored 47 runs to this point in September, in 8 games. 5.9 runs per game, a big jump from the 3.3 per game they scored in August.
  • Jose Bautista has driven in 13 runs this month, 28% of the runs we've scored. In August he drove in 23% of our runs. I think we can stop the debate on whether he is a leader or not.
  • The reaction from the bench on Jose's double was great to see.
  • Dioner Navarro is on a hot streak of his own, hitting .452/500/.774 over his last 10 games.
  • Since being benched, Colby Rasmus has had 7 plate appearances, had 3 hits, 2 home runs, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts and 3 RBI. Maybe sitting has focused him some.
  • We've been having a good run of good pitching this month too. The pitchers have put up a 2.74 ERA, the starters are at 2.25 and are averaging 7 innings a start.
  • I thought the fifth inning of last night's game was going to be the inning the cost us the game. We were down by two and Kevin Pillar started the inning off with a single and then got caught stealing. He is 0 for 3 on stolen base attempts in the majors. I'm sure he'll be above break even before his career is over, but, it seemed like a bad time for an attempt. Then Ryan Goins doubles (nice to see him hit a ball hard). Anthony Gose followed with a strikeouts, fouling off a bunt a attempt for strike three. I dislike bunt attempts on the third strike, especially when you are bunting for a hit. Jose Reyes singled, driving in Goins, but I thought that we gave away our chance at a big inning. Fortunately we had big innings in the 7th and 8th.
  • I'm glad that Daniel Norris get a full inning in.
  • Adam Lind hit his first triple since August 21, 2011.

Here is last night's GameThread leader board, Spor led us to victory again:

# Commenter # Comments
1 Spor 131
2 Belisarius 79
3 StreakyJays 73
4 carpe.nocti 64
5 junior_felix_jr 58
6 MjwW 57
7 Tom Dakers 52
8 bluejays13 45
9 NFLDjaysfan 42
10 jmarples 42
11 fishedin 32
12 REMO 29
13 The Gardiner Expressway 28
14 MartsB 27
15 radivel 25
16 fatpuppy 24
17 Thom Nelligan 23
18 madrush 21
19 hansdampf 15
20 Lutherie 11
21 Goldenhawk99 10