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John Gibbons may have discovered a method to set the Blue Jays lineup to ensure victory

Nick's usual sabermetrics post won't appear here until Friday morning, so Minor Leaguer stepped in with his own "sabermagic" post.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

A meme that has been floating around Bluebird Banter in recent days involves calling September "May 2.0", referring to how the Blue Jays have been winning games at a rate similar to how they did in May--so far in this month the Blue Jays are 7-2 (.778), while the were 21-9 (.700) in May. What has been the Blue Jays' secret to success? The answer may be in the lineups set up by manager John Gibbons.

Let's take a look at the lineups since the beginning of September using the fine lineup card photos taken by Barry Davis, Scott MacArthur, and Shi Davidi:

September 2: Win
September 3: Win
September 4: Win
September 5: Loss
September 6: Loss
September 7: Win
September 8: Win
September 9: Win
September 10: Win

See the pattern?

Since September 2 (the 1st was an off day), the Blue Jays have won every single time that Gibbons uses lower case letters to write out "dh" for the designated hitter on the lineup card that all the beat writers take a picture of; while they have lost every game but one when he uses upper case letters for the "DH". To summarize:

Date Opponent Lineup Card Result
Sep. 2 Rays "DH" Win
Sep. 3 Rays "dh" Win
Sep. 4 Rays "dh" Win
Sep. 5 Red Sox "DH" Loss
Sep. 6 Red Sox "DH" Loss
Sep. 7 Red Sox "dh" Win
Sep. 8 Cubs "dh" Win
Sep. 9 Cubs "dh" Win
Sep. 10 Cubs "dh" Win

The use of the lower case "dh" on the lineup card was not prevalent before September 3, but has sinced appeared with high frequency. The only time this season that "dh" was used before September was on April 23, in a game against the Orioles. Unfortunately the Blue Jays lost that game despite getting a 6-1 lead--I wonder if this magic only works in September (or if you prefer, May 2.0).

The takeaway is that John Gibbons may have discovered a flawless way to help the Blue Jays win simply by setting--well, typesetting--the lineup a particular way. I just hope that he has realized what he has discovered and stops using the Caps Lock key for he rest of the season and into the playoffs.

And I hope that I didn't jinx it by writing about it.