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Saturday Bantering: Reyes soreness, Lind homerless

Tom Szczerbowski

Little bits to chew on before today's game:

Shi Davidi tells us that Jose Reyes has been playing with a sore hamstring. As Reyes says:

"The last few weeks I've been playing with a sore (left) hamstring, it's giving me a little trouble running full speed, stuff like that," Reyes said during an interview Friday. "I don't want to do anything crazy on the field and blow up my hammy."

I really think we have to open the DH (or dh) spot for regulars that need a bit of a rest. Playing on that stupid turf every day is tough on bodies, and some of our players aren't as young as they used to be. I'd love if if we could tell guys like Bautista, Reyes, Cabrera (if he comes back) that they are going to DH once a week. Pick a day and that's the day they DH. Colby could have used it the past couple of seasons. Buck goes on (and on and on and on) about how DHing has helped Dioner Navarro stay strong this year. maybe that could work with more of our guys.

The problem has been that we haven't really had a bench that could cover  for these guys. I'm hoping that next year is different. And, of course, we have Edwin Encarnacion and Adam Lind, to get them both in the lineup one has to DH. Maybe, next year, we could build a better bench and make room for the regulars to share the DH spot.

Mike Rutsey, in the Sun, talks to Adam Lind about the lack of home runs.

"I pretty much have the same approach, the same approach that I always have," he said. "In batting practice, I hit it as far as I used to but, for some reason this year, when I hit the ball high, it's either to centre or the right-centre gap, it's not down the line.

I kind of feel sorry for the guy, he's having a pretty good year, but the home runs is all people seems to talk to him about.

Scott Stinson, in the National Post, figures the future is bright. Course he starts by talking about Brandon Morrow, who may or may not be part of our future.

Beyond the Boxscore gives us this little nugget: