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Back-to-back home runs by Adam Lind and Edwin Encarnacion help Jays beat Rays

Edwin hit that a mile.
Edwin hit that a mile.
Tom Szczerbowski

Rays 3 Blue Jays 6

Two 3-run innings were all the Jays needed today.

In the third inning, we got a lot of help from the Rays defense. Ryan Goins swung at strike 3, but the ball got past catcher Jose Molina. Anthony Gose singled, then Jose Reyes bunted one, a few feet in front of the plate. Molina, should have made the play but he didn't and Rays starter Jeremy Hellickson made a bad throw to first, giving us a run and runners on second and third. Jose Bautista hit a soft grounder straight back to the mound but Hellickson missed it, Gose scored and Bautista made it to first. Adam Lind ground one into the Rays shift, but they were out of position to turn the double play and we got our third run.

In the seventh, Adam Lind hit a 2-run homer (just his 5th of the season) and Edwin Encarnacion followed with a solo shot.

We had 7 hits, Lind had two. Josh Thole, Kevin Pillar and Ryan Goins (who had 3 strikeouts) had 0 fors. Pillar did get his first walk of the season.

R.A. Dickey was pretty good. He gave up a double, to start the game, and the Rays brought him home without another hit. In the 3rd, Kevin Kiermaier led off with a single and went to second when Bautista tried to throw behind him. A bad move, Kiermaier decoyed Jose and Jose fell right into it. And it doesn't get called an error. Evan Longoria doubled him home. And Longoria homered in the 6th, tying the game at that point.

Dickey went 7 innings, allowed 4 hits, 2 walks, 3 earned and struck out 5. That's our 19th game in a row that our starter pitched at least 6 innings. Pitching hasn't been so much of the problem lately.

Brett Cecil scared us in the 8th, giving up a single and a walk to start the inning, but he got Longoria to strikeout and James Loney to hit into a double play.

Casey Janssen pitched a pretty easy 9th, allowing just a Yunel Escobar single.

Jays of the Day are Lind (.307 WPA) and Bautista (.121, for a 1 for 2 with 2 walks), though he deserves to loss points for that bad throw behind Kiemaier.

Suckage goes to Valencia (-.120 for a 1 for 4).

We had a nice Saturday afternoon GameThread. 592 comments. I led the way (cheating just a little). Yay me.

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