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More on Marcus Stroman 'slipped pitch'

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It seems fitting that the day we wrote about a Jays/Yankees brawl from 5 years ago, the Jays get in another brawl. There was an important difference. Talking about the game 5 years ago I said:

In the bottom of the inning Jesse Carlson throws behind Posada. Behind him. The ball's about thigh level, not head level, not rib cage level, not even shin high. Right at the level you throw to make a point, without the worry of injuring someone.

If that is what Marcus Stroman had done, I'd be all for it, standing up for you teammates is not a bad thing. You send a message and there is no real chance of injuring someone that. And I'd imagine that the Orioles would have been alright with that too, or if not, who cares.

Unfortunately, Marcus Stroman threw behind Caleb Joseph's head. That I can't support. It's bad baseball. It's bad everything. Getting hit in the head is not pleasant. Many players have had their careers ruined from stuff like that. No one wants to see someone laying on the ground bleeding. Watching Giancarlo Stanton should be enough to make anyone upset at the idea of throwing at a head (not that it was on purpose in that case).

Every time something like this happens, you hear that this is the way they played in the good old days. And yeah Don Drysdale wasn't against going for someone's head, back in the 50's and 60's. Of course, back in those days it was also ok to beat your child with a stick. Thankfully, we are smarter now. Accidents happen, but now we know that trying to hit someone in the head is wrong. We are a little more grown up these days.

It isn't right to throw at a head. It isn't right to throw behind a head. I'm sure Marcus has been talked to. If he did what Jesse Carlson did, I'd be on his side, make a point but don't try to end a career.

Marcus said:

"It kind of just slipped out of my hand," Stroman said. "It was late in the game, I got two big strikeouts, I'm a little excited, trying to get out of the inning."

Which, is what you have to say, saying anything else is asking for a suspension. I'm glad the umpire quickly warned both benches.I hope that last night was the end of it, I'd hate to see someone throw at the head of one of our players.

I do understand the Jays being in a bad mood, it's been a frustrating season.  And I can understand Jose Reyes being pissed off about his hand being stepped on, not that I think it was really intentional, but it would hurt and it would bug me too. I understand sticking up for your teammate. If Marcus had throw at his thigh, all would be good.

Here's last night's leader board. 714 comments. Kraemer led the way, good job sir.

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