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Jays give up two home runs to Steve Pearce, lose to Orioles

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 1 Orioles 6

That wasn't fun.

We gave up three home runs, two by Steve Pearce, both off J.A. Happ and one by David Lough off Casey Janssen.

Happ went 6 innings, plus a batter,  gave up 8 hits, 5 runs....he didn't walk anyone and struck out 5. He wasn't good, but then no one in a Jays uniform was.

Aaron Sanchez had a tough inning, coming in after Happ gave up a lead off double. He threw a wild pitch, hit a batter, gave up a walk and damn near hitting another batter (it was up and in, and hit , getting the plate umpire to warn both benches. That got the O's interest, but nothing much happened.

Casey Janssen gave up a solo home in his inning.

On offense we took 6 walks and had 5 hits, but only 1 run. We got the leadoff hitter on base in 7 innings but only scored him once. It was just a sad effort. We had three extra base hits, doubles from Adam Lind, Kevin Pillar and Ryan Goins. Nice to see the last two hit something hard.

About the only good thing that happened was a Anthony Gose made a very nice catch deep in CF. On the negative side of the defensive ledger, Ryan Goins made his first error of the season, on a pretty easy ground ball.

No Jays of the Day today, Munenori  Kawasaki had the high mark at  .072, for 2 walks in 2 PA, but he also had a poor defensive moment, not having the arm to get Delmon Young out at first on a ground ball to third. He really isn't a third baseman.

Suckage goes to Happ (-.133) and Thole (-.106).

The GameThread had 738 comments....amazing considering how bad the game was. I led the way. Yay me.

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