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Poll Time: Do you approve of the job Alex Anthopoulos is doing?

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

We have a Gibbons' approval poll in the other post today. Let's do one on Alex.

I talked a fair bit about Alex in the last one. As mentioned, his inability to make a clear statement in interviews bugs me. He has this ability to talk (and talk) without saying anything. I always figure it is a mechanism to limit the number of questions he can be asked in any given interview.

I'm really interested in how things go this winter. If he doesn't pick up a second baseman who can give us better than replacement level production, I'll be very pissed off. Last winter I thought that was one of the most pressing needs, but Alex apparently disagreed, since nothing happen. He has to see that something has to be done now.

He has other problems, he has 2 empty outfield spots, I don't think Anthony Gose and Kevin Pillar are the answers.

He also has to figure out the bullpen. Decide if he's happy with the starting rotation as is, the five we have are doing a good job at the moment, but there are decisions to be made there.

And he has decisions to make about Adam Lind, Brandon Morrow, Melky Cabrera and others. Also he and his manager have to come up with ways to keep players healthy on the wonderful turf that we play on. We can't afford to have half the team nursing sore hamstrings for the second half of the season again.

Alex does deserve points for having some very good pitchers coming up through the minor league system.

Last time we did an Anthopoulos approval poll, back in July, he didn't do very well:

Approve: 29%

Neutral: 35%

Do Not Approve: 36%

If he was a politician, he'd be in trouble. Let's see how he does this time