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Jose Bautista hits home run, but Jays still lose

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 2 Yankees 3

So that was awful.

Jose Bautista ties up the game in the 8th with a 2-run homer.

And then, in the bottom of the 9th, the Yankees walk off on a Adam Lind error. Chris Young started the inning with a single. Pinch runner Antoan Ricardson stole second and was bunted to third. Then Chase Headley grounds one right at Adam Lind at first base and Adam, lets it go right through his legs. Fielders are told to stay down on is easier to come up with the bounce than it is to go down. Well, Lind didn't stay down. It was very important that he at least keep the ball in front of him, but he missed it totally for a walk off error.

Our Jays are finding new and inventive ways to lose. My dad would say "they can't win for losing".

R.A. Dickey pitched a pretty good game, minus throwing a gopher ball to Derek Jeter (of all people). It was bad enough listening to Buck and Pat telling us that Jeter was the Second Coming all game long, Dickey has to throw one of his batting practice fastballs to the game. Actually he threw 3 of the "fastballs" to Jeter that at bat. We allowed a couple of minutes of swearing after that moment.

Dickey went 6 innings, allowed 5 hits and a  walk with 3 strikeouts. Other than the Jeter homer and a run scoring double to Stephen Drew he was very good. He pitched well enough to get a win, if he was pitching for a team that could score.

Brett Cecil and Brandon Morrow pitched a scoreless inning each. Aaron Sanchez was the lucky one who was out there for Lind's error, getting his first MLB loss.

Our offense did nothing until the Bautista home run. We had 5 hits and 2 walks in all. Jose Reyes had 2 of the hits. Munenori Kawasaki and Josh Thole were the other Jays to single.

Kevin Pillar made a couple of the nicest catches you will ever see in left. I have traded them for a couple of runs.

Jays of the Day are Jose Bautista (.288 WPA) and Morrow (.105).

Suckage. Sanchez had the number at -.366 but Lind has to have the lion's share of that. Not counting the error, Lind already had the suckage number at -.147. Pillar had the number too, -.110, but that doesn't take into account his two amazing catches, so I'm not giving him the award.

We had 585 comments in the GameThread. Bluejays13 led the way, a gritty performance in a losing cause.

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