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Buck and Pat approval poll

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

We've had approval polls about John Gibbons and Alex Anthopoulos, I thought maybe we could have an approval poll from our TV play-by-play team.

It's fair to say I'm not a fan of Buck and Pat. They drive me to use the mute button, time and time again. I like having the sound for the game noises, especially with the GameThreads, having the game sounds reminds me to look up from the thread.

When I'm being charitable, I think that Buck and Pat aren't talking to me, they are there for the more casual fan, but I would consider my wife a casual fan and they drive her crazy as much as they do me (she is a great judge of character) (she married me).

Last night was particularly tough with the constant Derek Jeter talk. I get that Jeter is a demigod and all, but I've heard enough about him to last a life time. I don't care the the security guard loves him. Or that he is the funniest guy they've ever met. Or, well anything else they said about him. Sunday's game may be unwatchable.

I guess that my biggest complaint with the pair is how much time they spent telling us how great our opponent is every game. They all 'play the game right' (I wonder if we sent them an email saying that we stipulate the other team 'plays the game right' maybe they would skip telling us about it), they are all 'athletic' and/or 'big and strong'. I can do with out hearing how wonderful the other team is, all the time.

I do find that I like Buck much better when he is paired up with someone else. The games with Joe Siddall, in my mind, were much better. I find that Pat tends to spend most of his time repeating something Buck has just said. Buck will say "that was a good play" and Pat will say "that was a very good play". They spend, in my opinion, too much time agreeing with each other or emphasizing some point that the other made. With Siddall, he would bring his own observations to the broadcast, instead of restating something that Buck has said.

And I thought Buck was great as the analyst with Dan Shulman. They made for a very good team.

Lately, they have been on about their dislike for the shifts. I've heard them tell me that the shift doesn't allow the players to use their 'baseball instincts' every game for days now. We get it, baseball should be played exactly the way it has been played forever. No new strategies should be tried.

Let us know what you think about Buck and Pat.