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Blue Jays September Call-ups Roster Tree Route Map Changes

With the end of the minor league regular seasons and the arrival of September comes the expansion of the active roster limit to 40 and the call-up of rookies looking to make their major league debuts. Since the completion of their final game on Sunday, the Blue Jays made a number of moves that affected their 40-man roster. Gone are Matt Hague and Darin Mastroianni as George Kottaras, Dalton Pompey, Daniel Norris, John Mayberry Jr., and Kendall Graveman were added.

Those moves led to a big update to the Blue Jays Roster Tree Route Map (click here for the permanent link), which is a graphical representation of how each member of the current 40-man roster arrived on the team.


Recent changes include:

  • The addition of the MAYBERRY JR. Line, which runs to Pierre (John Mayberry Jr. was acquired in a trade for minor leaguer Gustavo Pierre).
  • The addition of the NORRIS Line, which runs to Downs (Daniel Norris was selected in the second round of the 2011 draft with a pick that arrived from the Angels when they signed reliever Scott Downs as a free agnet in the 2010-2011 offseason).
  • The addition of POMPEY, GRAVEMAN, and KOTTARAS.
  • Removing the "red cross" from MORROW and adding it to LAWRIE.

Past versions of the route map can be found here:

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