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A Win! Blue Jays beat the New York Jeters

Jose Bautista hitting a home run
Jose Bautista hitting a home run
Jim McIsaac

Blue Jays 6 Yankees 3

A win! I forgot what wins were like.

We scored some run for a change:

  • Edwin Encarnacion doubled home Jose Bautista in the first.
  • We got 3 in the 6th. Bautista walked, Edwin singled and Dioner Navarro walked. A ground rule double from Danny Valencia scored two and John Mayberry hit a sac fly.
  • Bautista hit an opposite field home run to start the 7th.
  • And Bautista walked and scored on a Navarro single in the 9th.

Four runs scored for Baustista. We had 10 hits. 3 from Encarnacion. 2 each from Bautista and Kevin Pillar. Dalton Pompey had an 0 for 4 in his second career start.

Marcus Stroman had a very nice start, it might be his last of the season depending on how his suspension hearing goes. He went 6 innings, allowed 8 hits, 2 earned with 7 strikeouts.

Aaron Sanchez pitched a quick 7th, then gave up a hit and a walk, getting just one out in the 8th, but Brett Cecil got us out of the inning without a run scoring.

Brandon Morrow started the 9th, got an out, then gave up a single to Brett Gardner and a RBI double to DEREK JETER (with a strike zone that was roughly the width of a baseball). Casey Janssen took over and hit Brian McCann to amp up the drama. But he got Brandon Ryan to strikeout and Chris Young to hit a very soft 'liner' to Ryan Goins at second.

Navarro had a particularly bad game behind the plate, reaching for and missing two pitches for 'wild pitches', both could have, maybe should have, been passed balls. He just didn't seem that interested behind the plate.

Tomorrow is the last game we will be subjected to non-stop Derek Jeter talk. YAY. I understand he's retiring. Someone should mention that, BUT JUST ONCE AND THEN SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

Jays of the Day are Edwin (.238), Bautista (.205) and Cecil (.125).

Suckage goes to Jose Reyes (-.133, 0 for 5).

There were 534 comments in the GameThread. Belisarius led us to victory. Great job sir.

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