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Marcus Stroman's suspension dropped to 5 games

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

They dropped one game off Marcus Stroman's suspension, he'll now serve 5 games. He was to start on Thursday, that will now be pushed back to Friday. Thursday's start will be handed to the bullpen, with Todd Redmond likely to start and go from there. I'd have started Daniel Norris, but I'm sure he'll get some work that day.

Stroman didn't need to have a hearing to have his suspension reduced, the MLB Players Association (don't call us a union) and MLB worked it out without that.

Marcus has thrown 126.2 MLB innings, in 25 games, 20 starts. Add in 35.2 innings in the minors and he's up to 162.1 innings. Last year, with the suspension, he pitched 111.2 in the minors. I wouldn't have been against skipping his last start, but he has been looking strong.

He's had a very nice season, I would think he's earned some Rookie of the Year votes, though Jose Abreu will win it.